Born and based in Paris, Playrion has existed since 2010 and has ever since employed talented progressive individuals aiming to make our games the best possible experience for our players.

We pride ourselves on our mobile strategy game played in real-time, Airlines Manager, which counts a community of 10+ million individual players today.

And the last born, Airport Simulator: First class, includes the latest innovations such as superior 3D animations, a day/night cycle and revolutionary crowd management…

We work very hard on maintaining our company values and transferring them to our players: we are passionate, expressive and human and always centralise the needs of our community. Becoming a part of the Paradox Interactive Group in 2020 made our company and projects visible on an even larger scale and offered the Paradox PC and console players an opportunity to dip into the mobile market with the same experience of challenging deep strategic games offering an endless experience. 


Our offices are located in the south of Paris and we count 30+ employees working on different projects. 


● Release of Airport Simulator: First Class

● 10 Million Players reached
● Acquired by Paradox Interactive AB

5 Million Players reached
● Release of Airlines Manager V3

● 2 Million Players reached
● New offices

● Partnership with IATA
● 1 Million players reached
● First featuring on Apple’s AppStore

● Development of Airlines Manager for mobile

● Launch of Playrion within French Incubator


Our Team

Our Offices

"At Playrion, we are always looking for new talent. I am so proud of everything we created together in the past eleven years. Fifteen years ago, I was a young man who walked in a games store and asked for an Airlines game. The staff told me with a small laugh that if I want one, I should make one. So I did. Airlines Manager counts over 10 million players on web, iOS and Android and 14 years of continuous innovation and development. If you are hardworking and passionate about aviation and mobile games, we are the right company for you! My main goal in leading Playrion is to make sure that we have the best talent, but also give the best working conditions. We really care about our employees’ wellbeing and giving them a healthy work-life balance, which can also be felt even in our office organisation: we have a nap and gaming room, we do short Fridays and offer a selection of breakfast food for all employees.”
Benjamin Cohen