Airlines Manager – Tycoon 2021

Airlines Manager is a free aviation management game.

In the game, you manage your airline like a real tycoon and strategize to become the greatest CEO in the aviation world!

More about the game: 


✈ 10+ million aviation managers playing this aircraft fleet management game

✈ 130 aircraft and 2600 airports available

✈ 500 research options and 200 passenger services to unlock

IATA (International Air Transport Association) official partnership

✈ Currently available in 8 languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Indonesian and Russian)

✈ Create your fleet from among 130 realistic aircraft models, all from real-life modern civil aviation.

✈ Boost the management of your airline by negotiating hard with other players on the second hand market.

✈ Optimize the management of your airline network with real-time air traffic control and results.

✈ Choose from 2600 airports to buy your hubs and set up individual aircraft on different routes.

✈ Unlock over 500 different types of research in the R&D center.

✈ Customize your airline by choosing from more than 200 available services.


✈ Professional AM – REAL TIME, realistic progress (7 hours for flights between Paris CDG and New York JFK airports) 

✈ Tycoon AM – FAST MODE, time sped up by x7, quick progress, (1 hour for flights between Paris CDG and New York JFK airports

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Platform : iPhone, iPad, Android, Internet browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opéra…)

Genre : Strategy and Management
Public : 12+